中央 & 南美

AGN欧洲中央 & 南美洲地区自然资源丰富, has a young population and emerging political environments that are paving the way for ample trade and international investment opportunities.

This region offers an extraordinary geographic coverage with presence in over a dozen countries. The 区域 board represents the region’s four key areas: 中央 America, 巴西, 北安第斯山脉国家和南美洲, ensuring that members generate locally relevant intellectual property that is also relevant to clients worldwide.





AGN中央 & 以南美地区为首 主席玛丽洛斯·德·鲁埃达他是AGN在危地马拉成员律所的合伙人 Panchita Aguirre de Keahler & Asociados, 它还得到了多语种区域主管的支持, Mireia·罗维拉.


 Panchita Aguirre De Kaehler Y Asociados
Monzón, Valdivia, Falconí y Asociados
 GESCON Consultoria Empresarial
 里卡多Cuellar  Grupo ACC
  哈维尔·科雷亚  科雷亚,莱昂 & Asociados
 ELIZALDE,·卡萨雷斯 & Asociados




Use this publication to make a quick Latin American country comparison on different taxes; including Income Tax, 双重征税条约等等.





中央 & 南美洲地区自然资源丰富, has a young population and emerging political environments that are paving the way for ample trade and international investment opportunities.





A collection of transfer pricing summaries of countries in the Latin America region. 



中环的比较 & 南美洲国家2021年

Use this publication to make a very quick country comparison on different taxes in the 中央 & 南美n region; including Corporate Income Tax, 股息, 版税, 技术援助, 利益, 增值税, VHT增值税, 双重征税协议和期限规定. 


InversÍon directa extranjera 2019

Ventajas competitivas en Latinoamérica 2019

Check this publication to make a quick Latinamerican country update on benefits for Foreign Direct Investment. 本出版物只有西班牙文, contact AGN Member firms in the countries for more detailed information. 


Vea esta publicación para obtener una rápida actualización de los beneficios para Inversión Directa Extranjera. 它publicación está disponible en español, contacte con las firmas de AGN en los países relevantes para obtener información más detallada.

Lea la publicación en Español

El Comité de Impuestos de AGN Centro y Sud América promueve la recopilación información relevante para el comercio internacional.

Los tratados más relevance antes en Latinoamérica

This publication includes a summary of the countires in Latinamerica that hold treaties with countries in the region and the rest of the world, 包括股息和利息.

En esta publicación encontrará un esquema de los países de Latinoamérica que tienen tratados con países de la región y también con países del resto del mundo, 包括分比定理抽烟, 利益y徽章.



AGN firm Windham Brannon Placed #4 on the Best Firms To Work For , For Young Accountants.


每年, 会计 Today and Best Companies Group recognize the 100 Best Firms to Work For in the U.S. 会计 Today then picks the 10 Best Firms for Young Accountants from this list, based on the responses of their younger staff to a comprehensive employee survey.

All firms on the list are members of the 2021 class of the Best Firms to Work For; to qualify for the Best Firms for Young Accountants, they needed to have at least 15 employees who were under the age of 30 or have employees under 30 constitute at least 10 per cent of their total. The response rate for employees under the age of 30 to the anonymous employee survey must be at least 40 per cent. Firms were then ranked according to the average positive response rate to the survey of employees under 30. 


M&展望II - AGN全球M&一个活动:未来变化的丘陵地带?


This latest edition of the AGN 全球商业的声音 survey follows M&一个前景, (暴风雨前的平静), conducted in early 2021 – which gave us a snapshot of how AGN members’ corporate finance activity had been impacted by the global pandemic. Volumes and values were down – but perhaps not as much as one might have expected, and it was clear that there was concern about future levels of distressed sales due to an anticipated downturn in economic fortunes.

Just over half a year later, we now look again into this fascinating area. It would appear that many economies have bounced back with greater energy than might have, 在某一时刻, 预期. 不管, 一些经济体现在背负着巨额的公共债务, 正如专家们指出的那样, “总有人要付出代价”, 现在app那个软件能买球的问题是,这将如何影响全球并购&一个业务?

访问发布以发现高级, opinion-based picture from our international panel of business advisory accountants. 他们所在的地区或国家正在发生什么?

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在大流行的背后,许多趋势都在加速. In particular, we talk about technology and our human capital within the business. 但是现在app那个软件能买球的客户呢? How have future needs and desires evolved, and what are we doing to find out about it?

根据贝恩 & 公司研究, a 5% increase in customer retention rates increases account profitability between 25% and 95%. 想象一下,如果你能将这种影响应用到你的最大的领域,会产生什么样的影响, 最好的, and most lucrative clients – or more especially to those existing clients that have the potential to become the biggest, 最佳和最赚钱的.

This GBV highlights some of the challenging paradigms which can be barriers to getting KAM off the ground.

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AGN成员定期在网络上见面, share expertise and learn more about technical subjects and leadership in their firms. 现在app那个软件能买球的主要活动包括一次国际会议, 世界大会, 每年11月在世界各地举行.

除了, each of the four regions holds at least one major all-region meeting a some regions hold more. 该地区的重大活动包括 中央 and 南美 区域 Meeting (CSARM), usually held in September.  中央 & 南美洲地区通常以西班牙语为主要语言, 还有很多内容,比如网络研讨会, 出版物和简报以西班牙文提供.


中央 & 南美


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